Pension and benefit developments effective 01/01/2024 in 2024
-It includes the revaluation of the pensions of the Social Security system, Passive Classes and other public benefits for 2024.
– Maximum limit for public pensions: 3,175.04 euros per month or 44,450.56 euros per year.
– Complement for the reduction of gender gap will have: €33.20 per month.
– Minimum amount of contributory pensions: it will be increased in 2024 depending on the type of pension in accordance with the provisions of art. 58 and D.A. 53.ª of the LGSS, with the amounts specified (Annex IV).
– Income limit for the recognition of minimum pension amounts in 2024: – Without a dependent spouse 8,942.00 euros/year. – With dependent spouse 10,430.00 euros/year
– SOVI: 7,399.00 euros per year.
– Non-contributory pensions of the Social Security system for disability and retirement:7,250.60 euros per year.
– Social Security family benefits: effective January 1, 2024, the annual amount of Social Security family benefits, in its non-contributory fashion[1]for a dependent child aged 18 or older, with a degree of disability[1]greater than 65% is set at €5,647.20. If the disability is greater than or equal to 75%, the annual amount will be 8,469.60 euros.
– Annual income limits in the year 2024 for the beneficiaries of the IMV (T.D. 6 of Law 19/2021, of December 20): 14,544.00 euros per year and, in the case of large families, 21,888.00 euros per year, increasing by 3,546.00 euros per year for each dependent child from the fourth onwards, this included. The amount of the economic allowance shall be 588.00 euros/year.
– Income limit for the recognition of economic complements for minors[1]: it will increase by 3.8 percent over the limit in force in 2023.